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DBC PACKAGING is head-quartered in Durban, South Africa. It was formally established on 1st April 2001 when the ‘Wovens’ division of Durban Bag Company was acquired.

Durban Bag Company was originally established in 1937, specifically to manufacture hessian and cotton bags for the sugar and milling industries. From the mid-70’s onwards these fabric bags were gradually replaced by the new generation woven polypropylene bags.

Since 2001 our woven polypropylene bag business has grown tremendously. DBC Wovens is now a dominant supplier to the milling, fertilizer, sugar and animal feed industries throughout South Africa and the surrounding territories.

In 2004 DBC PACKAGING strategically diversified into polyethylene film packaging bags, pouches and FFS sheeting with a significant capital investment in the requisite plant and equipment. From its inception this operating division has traded as “DBC Plastics”.

From small beginnings, DBC Plastics has grown way beyond original expectations. In the past few years the company has invested heavily in all the latest equipment and technology to ensure that DBC Plastics’ quality and service levels remain of the highest standard. Our newest addition is the Reifenhauser 5-layer co-extruder. It has significant advantages over conventional three-layer films, including higher output, improved dart impact, improved puncture resistance and the option of using recycled material.

The entire DBC group operates under one roof from its own premises at 11 Corobrik Place, Riverhorse Valley. The woven PP manufacturing facilities is situated at Isithebe.

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